The word of the president


to "Les Clefs d’Or Suisse"

Dear colleagues, friends and partners of "Les Clefs d'Or Suisse"

For more than 69 years that our hotel concierge association has existed, we have always proved that we respect the long tradition from of our predecessors, at the same time adapting to modern life.

In my capacity as the 8th president since its creation in 1952, I would like to thank, Oskar Wirth, Albert Ostertag, Peter Wirth, Claudio Caser, Marc Pierrain, Cornelius Haug and Jérémie Louet for having succeeded in passing to us, the solid foundations of Les Clefs d'Or Suisse. Their professionalism, ethics and friendship, enabled us to offer our clients a service with a high level of excellence.

This new website aims to bring us closer to you, introducing our profession to you, but also, with by means of communications, being a further aid for the new generation of concierges.

The life of a hotel concierge varies and is fascinating, whether they be Swiss or belong to the larger family of Les Clefs d’Or, spread over 46 countries. This efficient network will also help our clients abroad to obtain information at all times. 
In this way, in the lobbies of the finest hotels in the world there will always be ladies and gentleman with golden keys on their jacket lapels, all of which we are proud to say, have been made in Switzerland by Bucherer.

I wish you all a very pleasant visit to our site “Les Clefs d'Or"!

Yours in friendship,

Luc Frieseisen
President Les Clefs d'Or Suisse